We support your business
to grow with sustainability

About us

"We are a sustainability consulting and we aim to help organizations to introduce the sustainable development in their business and people."

Our vision is

To be recognized as the consulting of choice for sustainability for all its stakeholders.

Our mission is

To support and to empower organizations to incorporate "Sustainability" as a competency in their leadership, in their people and in their business.

Our values

  • Respect
  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Long-term view

Our services



Lectures/Workshops/Training are offered with topics such as Sustainability, Ethics, Social Responsibility, Quality of Life, Leadership and Time Management. Other topics regarding to sustainability could be offered, by customer demand.

Lectures are good to expose a lot of information and, more importantly, conveying content to many people at once. Training and workshops provide more opportunities for discussion and interaction, over a longer period than a lecture. They can permit the use of interactive teaching methods ¬ to help participant to develop their knowledge and skills more actively.

Lectures/Workshops/Training are customized according to the objectives of the client and in accordance with the content to be conveyed.


We support organizations to bring the sustainability mindset to their business and people through the following services:

  • Raising awareness of leadership in sustainability
  • Preparation of Strategic Plan for Sustainability
  • Support the creation of committees and working groups of sustainability
  • Preparation and development of Codes of Conduct and Ethics.
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement


Executive coaching

Executive coaching

The purpose of Executive Coaching is to develop leadership skills. It can help professionals to clearly see how is the best way to improve its job performance.

Career coaching

Executive coaching

Career coaching is recommended to people that wants to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration.

We use the ICI (Integrated Coaching Institute) methodology, recognized by ICF – International Coaching Federation.

Our clients

  • BASF
  • FIA
  • Fundação espaço ECO
  • fiesp
  • Unimed
  • Logo SESI
  • Logo GIFE
  • Logo Sky Corte a Laser
  • Escola de Engenharia Maua
  • CNI
  • Unigrês
  • Lobo Assessoria Esportiva
  • Abvtex
  • Estre

Our Team

Vitor Seravalli

Vitor Seravalli

Vitor Seravalli holds a degree in Chemical Engineering – University of Campinas - São Paulo and Master Business Administration in Marketing – ESPM – São Paulo. After 9 years working as industrial director at BASF S.A., he transited to act on sustainable development projects and initiatives, specifically. He took the position of director of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Center of Industries for the State of São Paulo (CIESP), in order to support the integration of CSR practices in the associated companies. He was President of the Brazilian Global Compact Network between 2008 and 2010. Currently, he owned Seravalli Consulting that aims to support businesses and leaders to incorporate sustainability as a strategic business competency. Vitor Seravalli is coaching, certified by ICI – Integrated Coaching Institute. He works for companies and organizations such as Basf, BRF, Petrobrás, Dow Chemical, FIEMG, GIFE, SESI, CIESP, GIZ, Unimed, BrasilMaxi, among others.

Cecilia Seravalli Soares

Cecilia Seravalli Soares

Cecilia Seravalli Soares is Food Engineer at Mauá Engineering School, specialist in Marketing Management at Insper-SP and Master in Science in Business Administration at FEA / USP. She has worked in Unilever and Kellogg´s, coordinating Marketing activities and in 2012, she transited to a Sustainability career. Currently, she is consultant for Sustainability and Social Responsibility, working for companies and organizations, such as: SESI, Unimed, Unilever, Estre, and professor of a graduate course.

Cristina Fedato

Cristina Fedato

Cristina Fedato is specialist, professor and consultant for Sustainability and Social Responsibility Strategies, Sustainable Procurement and Sustainable Supply Chains. Member of the EEC Commission -277 - Special Study Commission Sustainable Procurement ABNT/ISO and focal point from EcoVadis in Brazil. Have papers on Social Responsibility and Sustainability published in Brazil, United States, Europe and Canada. Works for companies and organizations such as ArcelorMittal, Avina Foundation, Basf, Bradesco, BRF, Camargo Corrêa, Dow Chemical, Ethos Institute, FIEMG, GIFE, GVces, Natura, Santander, SESI, Unimed, Vale, Zara, among others..


Consultant in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Seravalli Consulting and Txai Consultoria de Educação e Desenvolvimento. Master student in Governance and Sustainability at ISAE-PR. She holds a degree in Social Work from the Faculdade Paulista de Serviço Social of São Caetano do Sul – SP and Master Business Administration in Social Management at FIA / USP. Professor at ISAE-PR for the Technological Graduation in Management Processes and at Escola de Negócios Sustentare - SC.

Vanessa Weber
Rodrigo Lobo

Rodrigo Lobo

Rodrigo Lobo is graduated in Physical Education at School of Physical Education and Sport, University of São Paulo. He owned Lobo Assessoria Esportiva, specialized in personal training, sports consulting, lectures, and implementation of physical activity and quality of life programs for companies. Have papers published in Brazilian magazines such as O2, Runner's and Race World. Runner and triathlete for over 10 years, inspires people and enjoys all the benefits that regular physical activity provides.